Versatile and Stylish Natural Hair Twist Styles

Pictures of Natural Hair Twist Styles

Natural hair twist styles are one of the most versatile protective styles around. They’re a great way to show off your length and are perfect for protecting your hair from heat damage.

Vlogger Brianna Lynee recommends starting this style on damp to dry hair for longevity and less shrinkage. The end result is a soft and full look.

Loose Side Twists

Next to braids and cornrows, twists are one of the most low-maintenance protective styles for textured hair. They keep strands close together to retain moisture and help minimize breakage. They can also be used as the foundation for other styles like a frohawk or faux locs.

To achieve a more natural look, consider a loose side twists style that can be pulled back for a sleek look or twisted into a crown. Actress Kerry Washington has done just that, and this is an ideal style for a wedding or other formal event.

Smaller twists can also be shaped into a large bun with a braid effect for a polished look that would fit perfectly at a backyard bbq or black-tie wedding. You can even use extensions to make the style more substantial and versatile. For a more colorful option, you can weave in color-treated hair to add depth and dimension to your twisted look. Just be sure to spritz your hair with a curl refreshing spray to prevent frizziness.

Beaded Twists

For a fun twist hairstyle that will elevate your look, try adding beads to your two strand twists. Vlogger Esther demonstrates how to create this fabulous protective style using burgundy twists and a black beaded bobby pin to keep the twisted hair out of her face.

If you want your twists to last longer, start with a dry or damp hair that has been properly moisturized and conditioned with a leave-in conditioner such as TGIN Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer. This way, you will achieve the best possible results when it comes to longevity and minimal shrinkage.

When it comes to long twist styles, you have so many styling options! To give your hair a unique look, try arranging the twists into an updo with a bun and some bobby pins. This look will show off your stunning hair and give a great impression of elegance to your look. You can even add more flare by accessorizing with different hair clips!

Loose Bun

Next to braids and cornrows, twists are one of the most popular protective styles for natural hair. This is because they work on virtually every length and texture and offer a variety of styling options. In fact, when you learn a few twisted hairstyles for natural hair, the sky is the limit!

One way to elevate your twist style is to add beads and braids for a unique look. Here, Jasmine Winters incorporated beaded jumbo twists into a loose side bun and finished with an intricate plait around the front. The result is a gorgeous, elegant, and protective updo that is perfect for any special occasion.

For a more casual twist look, try flat-twisted buns. Ginelle layered her twists to create this cute and feminine look. For a soft hold, she used texturizing spray before securing her hair in a low ponytail. She then twisted the remaining hair around the base of her ponytail and secured with pins.

Chunky Goddess Braids

Goddess braids are a great way to get a sleek, stylish look that’s still protective of your hair. They’re also easy to style for a night out, especially when you add a few smaller twists and braids into your design.

Playing with color is a fun way to make your hairstyle more unique and sexy. Whether you choose blonde highlights or a rich red shade, your new colors will instantly turn heads when you step out into the world with this lovely protective hairstyle.

The e-Girl aesthetic is a popular choice among many women who love to express their personalities with fashion, makeup, and hair. Creating an e-Girl style with your goddess braids is a simple and fun way to showcase your creativity while looking chic. This style is perfect for an informal event and can be worn with any outfit you choose. For a more bold look, consider adding a few e-Girl-inspired rainbow-colored strands to your style.

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